Your grade for the course will be calculated from a total of 1000 points, awarded as follows:

Ongoing engagement (40% of your grade)
DCC events: 50 points
Leading discussion: 50 points
Engaged participation: 100 points
In-class activities: 100 points
Weekly blogging: 100 points

Exploration Projects (60% of your grade).
Exploration 1: Digital autoethnography: 100 points
Exploration 2: Social media curation: 100 points
Exploration 3: Hack your digital sphere: 150 points
Final project: 250 points

A significant part of your grade in this class will come from your participation as a citizen, co-creator, and team member: working with your classmates and helping them to make their work the best it can be will help you do well. Grades are not curved; I want everyone to do well (not least because teaching is much more rewarding for me when everyone brings their best to class).