DCC Outside Engagement

Over the course of the semester, you will need to attend a minimum of 5 hours of studio time in the DCC lab. During this time, you will explore forms of creativity that may or may not be related to the questions we discuss in class. Even where the connections aren’t obvious, think about how gender, race, and labor might be relevant to the techniques and processes you are learning about.

All HDCC106 students are also required to participate in a capstone idea workshop, and a DCC-approved event, lecture or film. Please document this via the DCC online submission form (DCC staff will provide you with this but I’ll also link to it once it is available). For approved events as well as information on the capstone workshop dates, please check weekly DCC e-mail messages and also the DCC website. I will also be sharing information in class about events that are related to gender, race, and labor in and out of the digital world. Anything I recommend in class, you may also count toward the DCC-wide requirement.

Here are some places to look for event listings; if you see something that looks interesting to you, mark it in your calendar and plan to attend!

Digital Dialogues at Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities

Consortium on Race, Gender and Ethnicity

Department of Women’s Studies

MICA (Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy) Events (Facebook page)

LGBT Equity Center

If you find out about other events related to DCC or our class topic, use the blog to let us know about them!