Final Project

Your final project in this class is a collaborative research assignment that requires you to figure out how you would carry out a more in-depth investigation of a topic that has interested you over the course of the class. (Think of it as a mini-capstone). You will work in pairs or in teams of 3.  Each team will meet with the professor in week 14 during a class devoted to project development time, and then share their work in progress with the class in week 15.

Your team may develop an expansion on one of the explorations you have already carried out, or explore something new. You must submit:

As a group (on ELMS):
A research question and justification for your project (500-1000 words)
A description of your planned methods (500-1000 words). You might be reading scholarship, exploring a digital practice, designing a survey or experiment, producing a creative work, or developing a program or piece of technology.
An annotated bibliography (at least ten items for a group of three; write 100 words describing each one)
A final presentation. This will take the form of a joint presentation in class during our final session. You will post the slides on ELMS.
Due Monday May 14.

As an individual:
a project report (on the blog) where each team member gives their perspective and describes the labor they contributed as well as what their takeaway from the final project has been. This is also where you write up the conclusions of your project, so it’s fine if there is some overlap with what you present in class. 800-1000 words.
Due Wednesday May 16.